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Research And Development Engineer At Evyap Egypt

 Research And Development Engineer At Evyap Egypt

Research And Development Engineer At Evyap Egypt

Location: Borg El Arab, Alexandria, Egypt

About the job

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About This Opportunity :
R&D Engineer is responsible to carry out formulation, laboratory, stability and production trial studies regarding changes in existing products and new product development in line with company targets, to follow the processes and report the results to the manager.

Job Description:

Conducts in-departmental formulation, laboratory, stability and production trials studies regarding the development of new products and changes in existing products (cost reduction studies, essence changes, etc.) based on the demands of the marketing and private brands units.
Controls and manages the documentation of all work under its management. For the products decided to be produced, it ensures that the signed formulas are submitted to the production and quality control departments or these formulas are submitted to the relevant departments for approval through the system.
Periodically follows product innovations in the domestic and foreign markets and ensures comparisons (performance, cost, etc.) of existing products with competing products and informs its manager.
Manages the execution of innovative product development studies by examining innovations, trends and patent applications of product groups in the portfolio and working with relevant departments.
It follows that the relevant tests (Dermatological, microbiological activity, claim tests, consumer tests, etc.) are carried out for the product to be placed on the market.
Knowing the effects of production processes and technologies on the product and monitoring the formulation/raw material studies by evaluating them from this perspective.
Defining the final version of product formulations/recipes into the system (SAP) and sharing them with the relevant units if necessary.
Opening/changing new raw material/packaging material codes in the system and completing the relevant products into product trees in SAP
The R&D Center monitors the execution of supported projects and the submission of articles / patent applications on relevant projects.
Follows the solution process of material/raw material-related quality problems experienced in the process.
Prepares input control and finished product analysis reports and relevant laboratory studies regarding alternative raw material studies with suppliers and presents them to the manager.
Preparation of Product Information Files for final products to be put on the market, provision of Product Safety Assessment Reports, Control of MSDS and Formula Certificates, Control of Artwork works.
She/he also carries out other duties assigned to them by their superior in line with the purpose of the job
Conducts department activities in accordance with GMP Rules.
Acts in line with the Quality, Environment and OHS Policies, works to achieve the relevant targets, acts in accordance with the documents of the department and keeps the required records completely, carries out the corrective and preventive activities of the department, takes environmental hazards, near misses, emergencies and accidents to the next level. He notifies his superior.
Submits change requests in accordance with the procedure.

Skills & Knowledge:

· Following the innovations in the market and the status of competitors
· Prone to teamwork
· High communication skills
· High research and reporting skills

Required Qualifications:

· Graduated from Basic Sciences or Engineering departments of universities (preferably
Master's Degree)
· • Fluent in written and spoken English
· • Able to use MS office programs at a good level

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