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Research and Development Engineer At Linah Farms

 Research and Development Engineer At Linah Farms

Research and Development Engineer At Linah Farms

Job description

Conduct research on emerging agricultural technologies, practices, and trends

Stay updated on industry advancements and evaluate their potential applicability to the farm

Identify areas for improvement and innovation within the farm's operations

Design and develop new tools, equipment, and systems for farm operations

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to create prototypes and proof-of-concept models

Test and validate technology solutions to ensure they meet performance and safety standards

Collect and analyze data related to crop yields, soil quality, weather patterns, and other relevant factors

Use data analysis tools and software to identify patterns and trends

Translate data insights into actionable recommendations for improving farm processes

Work on sustainability projects, such as optimizing resource usage, reducing environmental impact, and implementing eco-friendly practices

Explore renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly farming methods

Develop and integrate automation and robotics solutions to streamline tasks like planting, harvesting, and irrigation

Ensure the efficient operation of automated systems and troubleshoot technical issues

Collaborate with other departments, including agronomy, operations, and maintenance, to implement R&D projects

Communicate findings, progress, and results to management and team members effectively

Prepare and manage budgets for research and development projects

Ensure that projects are completed within budgetary constraints

Adhere to safety regulations and standards in all R&D activities

Keep abreast of industry regulations and ensure compliance with relevant laws


Bachelor’s or master’s degree in agricultural engineering, mechanical engineering, or a related field

5 years of experience in agricultural research and development, preferably in a farm or agriculture-related setting

Strong knowledge of agricultural practices, equipment, and technologies

Proficiency in data analysis and relevant software tools

Familiarity with automation, robotics, and sensor technologies

Strong problem-solving skills and a creative approach to technology development

Excellent communication and teamwork skills

Ability to manage projects, budgets, and timelines effectively

Commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship


Social insurance coverage

Medical insurance

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