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Regulatory Affairs Specialist At Adamco Pharm

 Regulatory Affairs Specialist At Adamco Pharm

Regulatory Affairs Specialist At Adamco Pharm

Location:6th of October

About Adamco Pharm :

Adamco Pharm is a fast growing international Pharmaceutical holding Company based in Cairo - Egypt, that is responsible to manage international business through searching for new market opportunities where it can expand the volume of the business.

Egy Nile Pharm (E.N. PHARM) is a subsidiary company located in Niamey – Niger, that has well established business in Niger since 7 years through its main station in Niamey – Niger where it holds around 40% of pharmaceutical & consumable either in private or tender business.

Egypt Niger Pharm (E.N.P) it’s a distribution pharmaceutical company and it’s our recent subsidiary company, which we have acquired it totally (100% from its stocks) in 2018, ENP was well established-company in the West Africa Market since 2008, and has strong pharmaceutical products portfolio which will be add-value to our group.

Adamco Vision:
To be the integrated and innovative pharmaceutical company in the export to West Africa. Driven by our responsiveness and focus on presenting a distinctive and diverse products portfolio for the Africans wellness,

Adamco Mission:
Adamco mission is to provide solutions for African patients by promoting. distributing carefully selected and diversified pharmaceutical products and medical devices, of very high quality with affordable price.
Adamco is keen on satisfying its customers to become partners with patients and healthcare professionals.

 About Regulatory Affairs Specialist Vacancy:

✓ Job description:

• Coordinate efforts associated with the preparation of regulatory documents or submissions.

• Analyze product complaints and make recommendations regarding their reportability.

• Ensuring all data is compliance with regulations set by Egyptian Drug Administration (EDA) and other authorities if the product is for exportation.

• Communicate with regulatory agencies regarding pre-submission strategies, potential regulatory pathways, compliance test requirements, or clarification and follow-up of submissions under review.

• Provide strategic advice to senior management throughout the development of a new product.

• Project manage teams of colleagues involved with the development of new products.

• Ensure that a company's products comply with the regulations of the regions where they want to distribute them.

• Keep up to date with national and international legislation, guidelines and customer practices.

✓Job Requirement:

• Bachelor's degree at Medical speciality

• 2 to 5 years of experience.

• Giza resident is preferred.

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