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Medical representatives At Majestic Biopharma

 Medical representatives At Majestic Biopharma 

Medical representatives At Majestic Biopharma

About Majestic Biopharma

Majestic Biopharma is a global company dedicated to innovating and developing healthcare solutions. We managed
to establish and prove ourselves in Egypt as a fast-growing and patient satisfaction-based industry leader till reaching a solid existence in 3 different continents today.

We as a healthcare-centered business continue to grow; we remain committed to the sustainable innovation of products
backed by science and experience to provide the patient the balanced experience between the utmost premium
quality with the alignment of FDA and WHO standards and reasonable price in a very competing market.

Throughout every product we work on, every solution we provide. We work with one core strategy is to optimize and maintain the smoothest experience for healthcare providers and patients.

In the spring of 2019, a group of physicians, pharmacists,and MBA holders founded Majestic biopharma in Rockville,
Maryland, with the unifying objective of developing better,safer, and more creative pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical
Majestic BioPharma Ltd., founded with a worldwide ambition,currently has research and distribution offices in the United
Kingdom, Egypt, and the United States, with plans to expand into Asia (the United Arab Emirates) soon.

Majestic Mission:
To foster the health care of our community. That's by delivering innovative and premium products and a variety of high-standard healthcare services. Thus, improving the health status of the population. While incessantly retaining our core
values of integrity, good ethics, and commitment as a part of our identity and what we offer.

Majestic Vision
To consistently create a better life and solutions for everyone based on high-quality standards and cost-efficient products and become a key and trustworthy player in leading the
industry with our solid medical background and expertise,driven by innovation, quality, and competencies.

Majestic Biopharma is seeking for a professional medical representatives covering the following areas

- Faisal & October
- Alex center 2
- Domiat & portsaid
- French line
Behira 3 & kafrelsheikh
Job requirements :
- from 0-5 years of experience.
- Ortho experience is preferred.
- owning a car is a plus .
Candidate who meet the above criteria are invited to apply to with the area in the subject.