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Talent Acquisition Coordinator At CIB Egypt

 Talent Acquisition Coordinator At CIB Egypt

Talent Acquisition Coordinator At CIB Egypt

Job Purpose

To support the Talent Acquisition team in handling all the external hiring related administrative tasks by coordinating interview panels logistics and performing relevant data entry to maintain effective control and smooth workflow. 


Talent Acquisition support

1. Support in the external hiring process by arranging the panels and sending invitations to the eligible applicants, and updating the status sheets and e-recruitment regularly to keep clear records of the employee’s data.

2. Coordinate exam labs, print material, monitor potential recruits when taking exams to maintain smooth workflow. 

3. Handle all system data entry for all applicants' information, in order to maintain a complete record of interviews, exams, and new hires.

4. Handle all the filing process to ensure having secured and reliable data for easy retrieval.  

5. Print interview applications and ensure that all the required documents are signed by the applicants (i.e. Relative declaration, I-score and signing the application) prior attending the interviews.

6. Coordinate and attend employment branding events and initiatives to effectively present CIB 

Outsource Hiring

7. Support in CV screening and conducting phone screening interviews with potential candidates for outsource positions in line with business requirements in order to qualify candidates for subsequent technical interviews conducted by Talent Acquisition and lines of business and handle the documentation of relevant feedback. 

8. Participate in handling all administrative work related to the Talent Acquisition activity on daily basis to ensure effective and efficient documentation.

Day-to-day operations

9. Implement the day-to-day operations assigned for the department to ensure compliance with the established standards and procedures.

Policies, Processes and Procedures

10. Follow all relevant department policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.


11. Comply with all relevant CBE regulations, banking laws, AML regulations and internal CIB policies and code of conduct in order to maintain CIB’s sound legal position and mitigate any potential risks.




• Bachelor’s degree of commerce, business administration or its equivalent    

• Minimum 0 to 2 years of experience

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