, pub-2091334367487754, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Corporate Marketing Executive At Minapharm Pharmaceuticals

Corporate Marketing Executive At Minapharm Pharmaceuticals

 Corporate Marketing Executive At Minapharm Pharmaceuticals

Corporate Marketing Executive At Minapharm Pharmaceuticals

Job description
Minapharm is one of the leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East striving to provide innovative yet affordable treatments. Making a difference and supporting our community is our main priority aligned with our mission, so we are looking for hardworking, creative, and data-driven calibers with strong communication and leadership skills allowing them to integrate well and work with diverse teams in an effective and resourceful way.


Assist in developing corporate marketing strategy and program metrics with program reports.
Assist in planning and organizing content for the company newsletters and corporate printed and electronic materials.
Develop and oversee corporate advertising campaigns.
Collaborate with advertising personnel to promote the company.
Writing and proofreading creative copy.
Support to develop and maintain company Websites.
Develop and maintain all project proposal covers, organization capabilities information as well as company experience listings as needed for presentations.
Support with coordination of marketing projects being outsourced to companies outside.
Assist in organizing events and exhibitions.
Maintain entire information as required for presentation for trade shows or career fair boards.
Monitor, revise, and report on entire marketing activities along with results to the management.
Translate Minapharm CSR's mission in the fields of Education, Health, and Wellbeing.

Requirements / Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
3 to 5 years experience in a leading marketing role.
Possess good knowledge of graphic design foundations and HTML.
Good understanding of digital marketing tools and analytics.
Ability to multitask and prioritize duties.
Team spirit and ability to interact professionally with other staff members.
Ability to work under pressure and deliver top-quality jobs consistently.
Ability to communicate excellently both in written and verbal forms.
Copywriting skills are an asset.
Creativity skills.

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