, pub-2091334367487754, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Production Controller At Edita for Food Industries

Production Controller At Edita for Food Industries

 Production Controller At Edita for Food Industries 

Production Controller At Edita for Food Industries

Main Purpose:

Responsible for making production-based organization run smoothly.


1. Analysis of all production Data, generation of results and primary conclusions to be presented to Plant Manager and Production Manager.

2. Make production daily report to monitor the production, trials, Waste to control all kinds of materials and all times for breakdown

3. Creating Production Daily Reports and Breakdown times to be send to Plant Manager, Production Manager and Logistics Department.

4. Collecting all Reports from the production line Daily to monitoring all process on the production line and participating in solving any pending issues with other departments or same department.

5. Responsible for creating Purchase Requests on the SAP and follow it, monitoring as well all stocks on SAP and preparation rooms.

6. Participating in creating MOH/Capex Budget report.

7. Responsible for issuing monthly requirements for the production department, and all raw materials reservations from W/H.

8. Creating all production Manufacturing Orders for all SKUs Subassemblies and Confirming all Finished Goods

9. Creating WIP and Actual Consumption Monthly Report to Finance Department.

10. Perform periodic inventory checks to control waste and material usage variances

11.Consequence of error – Wrong numbers may lead to miscalculated financials and wrong decision-making. Reports: a. KPIs report Daily b. Daily presentation Daily c. Material Usage Variance Daily d. Weights report Daily e. Downtime report Daily f. Plan Modifications When required g. Export reports When required

Job Requirements:

Education: Bachelor’s degree in commerce;

Experience: 1 year of experience in a similar field.

Languages: Fair command of English language (Speaking, reading and writing).

Computer Skills:

MS Word Skills Intermediate

MS Excel Skills Advanced

MS PowerPoint Intermediate

MS Outlook Skills Intermediate

Working Conditions:

Working Days: 6 Days/week [From Sunday Till Thursday].

Days Off: One day / Week [Friday].

Working Hours: From Shift Basis.

Working Environment: 100% on plant.

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