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Location:Suez, As Suways, Egypt

Job description

Business Line

Elsewedy Electric Infrastructure


Ain Al Sokhna

Summary & Objectives

The HSE Specialist eliminates or controls hazardous conditions resulting from human error, equipment and machine operations that may lead to human injury and/or property damage. This role must apply advanced mathematical techniques; professional engineering principles, methods and techniques; safety-related elements of the physical sciences, ergonomics, psychology and physiology; and safety principles, standards, practices and analytical techniques.

Essential Functions

1- Recommend measures to help protect workers from potentially dangerous work methods, processes, or materials

2- An order to suspend activities that pose a threat to the health or safety of workers

3- Investigating accidents to determine the causes or to determine how to prevent such accidents in the future

4- Examine or evaluate work environments, equipment, or practices to ensure compliance with safety standards and government regulations

5- Cooperating with engineers or doctors to establish control or treatment measures for hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions or equipment

6- Coordination of "right to know" programs in relation to dangerous chemicals or other substances

7- Conduct safety training or educational programs and demonstrate the use of safety equipment

8- Analyzing accident data to determine trends in injuries, diseases, accidents or other hazards

9- Investigating health-related complaints and inspecting facilities to ensure their compliance with public health legislation and regulations

10. Maintain or update emergency response plans or procedures

11- Provide health and safety directives to new employees

12- Inspect the designated areas to make sure that fire protection equipment, safety equipment or first aid supplies are present.

13 - Executing the work assigned to him in the field of work execution by the direct manager.

Qualifications & Education

Training in public safety, awareness of electrostatic discharge, awareness of foreign body damage, and awareness of the quality system

Years of Experience: At least a year of experience in industrial field.

Language: Good in both languages ​​(Arabic and English)

Preferable to be Suez resident


1- Qualification and Education: Holds a Bachelor of Engineering or Science equivalent in the field of work

2- English language: very good


1- Analytical thinking

2- Communication skill

4- Solving complex problems and analyzing them.

5. Analysis of quality control

6- Coordination

7- Control of time rate

8 - Computer Skills: Software Knowledge (Word – Excel)

9-The skill of controlling operations

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