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Dispensing Specialist At VITABIOTICS

 Dispensing Specialist At VITABIOTICS

Dispensing Specialist At VITABIOTICS

(VITABIOTICS – Egypt) for pharmaceutical industries is looking to hire the following position: - (Dispensing Specialist)

Job Description:

*Responsible for the daily check on the dispensing area hygiene and the clearness of the weighing tools, executing the requested clearance before starting with the weighing process and after each weighing step, and for the major clearance that required weekly, and keeping the related logbooks updated accordingly.
*Check and review the received container data/labels before starting with the dispensing process, to ensure compatibility with the batch product record and to check its expiry date to ensure first in first out.
*Responsible for recording all dispensing steps in the batch record and the relative logbooks/datasheet in addition to updating the return logbook of the starting material accordingly.
*Ensure delivering the remaining hazard container to the safety department to ensure appropriate cleanliness and clearance of the dispensing area.
* Responsible for the daily check on the dispensing area temperature and humidity along with checking cabinet differential pressures to ensure the accepted limit of temperature & and humidity and differential pressures to start with the dispensing process and record it in datasheet/logbooks accordingly.

- Job Requirements:

• Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, or Bachelor of Science.
• At least 2 years of pharmaceutical manufacturing experience
• Good knowledge & and understanding of ERP systems (Preferred)
• Extensive experience implementing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
• Strong computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office.

- Working conditions:
• Location; Borg Al-Arab
• 5 working days / 8 hours
• Two days off (Friday / Saturday)
• Family medical insurance
• Transportation

- If you are interested send your CV to and mention (Dispensing Specialist) in the email subject.