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Quality Assurance Specialist At Amoun Pharmaceutical

 Quality Assurance Specialist At Amoun Pharmaceutical

Quality Assurance Specialist At Amoun Pharmaceutical

Job Description
Oversees and provides guidance to the implementation of G M P principles in ware house & production departments
Monitor the process of dispensing of raw materials by checking the cleaning of the weighing booth, cleaning of the balances & their calibration
Verifying the correctness of the dispensed materials against the issued production order & recording the weights in the dispensing sheet in B.M.R. & checking the calculation of potency of active materials & the labels of dispensed materials
Monitor the environmental conditions in the main store as well as dispensing rooms
Monitor all manufacturing steps and ensures review of the manufacturing check lists.
Monitor the set up of the machines , the environmental conditions , line clearance & cleaning of the rooms & equipment
Monitor all packaging steps and ensures review of the packging check lists.
Reviews the Batch Records and its related documents against the Batch Review and Release forms.
Share in the Internal Quality Audit programme as an auditor
Manages deviations & incidents (Non conforming events)
Prepare the data from the batch record for Annual product review
Accompany MOH inspector during sampling of the raw materials &  finished product  & Send the samples taken by MOH inspector to NODCAR to be analyzed
Manage the change control request
Responsible for collecting all related documents for Annual product review to present them in the final shape
Introduce the manufacture date & expiry date to the finished product
Changes the data in Batch record acc. To the request from R&D or production
Performs any other related duties as and when required

Location:Obour City, Cairo

Job Requirements


Bachelor Degree of pharmacy

Past Experience:

Minimum experience of 1 year in quality assurance in pharmaceutical companies 

Special Competencies:

High level analytical skills.
Good written and spoken English Language.

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