, pub-2091334367487754, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Production Chemist at Macro Group

Production Chemist at Macro Group

 Production Chemist at Macro Group

Production Chemist at Macro Group

Location: Badr City, Cairo

Job Description

1-Supervise production line operations in accordance to the relevant SOPs and safety instructions.

2-Ensure that all production line operators wearing their personal protective equipment (PPE) during work.

3-Ensuring that all required documents such as batch records, machine logs, cleaning records, identification labels …ext. are filled on the spot and handled in a proper way as stated in the relevant SOPs.

4-Ensuring the commitment of all employees in his area to the cGMP standards.

5-Deliver the required on-the-job training for production line operators to keep them qualified for doing their jobs properly.

6-Conduct employee performance reviews.

7-Coordinate production startups, shutdowns, and changeovers.

8-Responsible for quality of the product.

9-Reject product outside of specifications.

10-Reporting and handling of any violation for cGMP in a formal way as stated in the relevant SOP.

11-Responsible for handling waste inside production area and till delivery to the waste collection area according to the relevant SOP.

12-Ensuring application of GMP, clean in Place and documentation rules.

Job Requirements

Bachelor degree pharmacy or science.

Exp 2-5 years in production.

Pharmaceutical industry is a must.

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