, pub-2091334367487754, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Quality Manager - Qalyūb At Coca-Cola Bottling Egypt

Quality Manager - Qalyūb At Coca-Cola Bottling Egypt

 Quality Manager - Qalyūb At Coca-Cola Bottling Egypt

Quality Manager - Qalyūb At Coca-Cola Bottling Egypt

Job description

This is a 6 working days role.

To ensure continuous production-no plant stoppage due to consumables/lab items and trained manpower.

To set and achieve plant mechanical efficiency targets and raw material yields.

To assist in the inspection of incoming material.

To ensure no BBD stock loss in the market.

To ensure that there are improvements in quality indices of package and product and to ensure that there is product integrity as per targets.

To establish and monitor the quality systems and procedures in the lab, on the shop floor and in other areas of the factory.

To ensure regular calibration of all quality measuring equipment by providing resources and guidance in terms of knowledge and standards to the personnel do it. To ensure the upkeep of all quality measuring equipment.

Proper and timely feedback on product quality to all personnel for corrective/ preventive actions and improvements.

To initiate and monitor quality improvement activities in the unit. To ensure that there is 100% date coding, 100% DOD compliance at warehouse, distributor audits and improvement in product age in RGB.

To ensure 100% compliance with respect to PFA, weights are measures and FPO license and its on time renewal.

To ensure that all PCB norms are met for ETP operation.

To ensure customer response support to CRC.

To train the shop floor workmen, managers, lab people on various quality parameters (visual, functional, physical and taste) and its importance and relevance to the customer.

To train the shop floor workmen and managers on problem solving techniques and usage of statistical process control techniques.

To increase the level of quality consciousness / awareness among all employees through effective communication systems.

To give special projects to small work groups and activate and run quality circles.

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