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R&D Chemist At Eagle Chemicals

 R&D Chemist At Eagle Chemicals

R&D Chemist At Eagle Chemicals


Design new products.
Develop products.
Solve customer problems.
Solve production problems.
Create new methods for testing and applications.
Testing and evaluation of raw materials.
Preparation of laboratory samples.
Technical Support.
Provide support for production and sales departments.
Scale up for the products from small scale to production scale.
Undertake experimental work in accordance with the R&D Manual.
Record all process information regularly and clearly.
Record work and generate reports as requested.

Required skills and experience

Bachelor degree in Science, Major: Chemistry.
Strong background in Organic Chemistry.
Good understanding of sampling and product testing.
Identify problems and come up with possible solutions.
Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Very English skills are required.
Analytical thinker and critical problem solver.
Excellent time manager with the ability to work independently.
Willingness to comply with safety and quality regulations, including wearing PPE.
A desire to work with team members to improve processes and product quality.

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