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Quality Control Engineer At ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC

 Quality Control Engineer At ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC

Quality Control Engineer At ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC


UIC Factory, 10th of Ramadan City.

Job description

Graduate Development Program;

The Graduate Development Program " Beam" is tailored for Fresh Graduates up to 2 years of experience. The program offers various trainings, mentorships, coaching & job rotations. Program Duration starts from 3 months up to 6 based on relevant work experience.

2020, 2021 Graduates are welcomed to apply.


Analyze Test specifications and monitors test implementation during production stages till the final product stage.
Getting approval from QC Manager for order fixing form (OFF) to start the Manufacturing process by sending the OFF to project management and sales support team by email.
Follow up the order cycle with the designated department till it reaches the planning department to get information such as machine loading, delivery time, machine time/man hour.
Request Quality control procedure and test report from QA department.
Follow up order cycle with production department and manage quality control according to quality control procedures.
Coordinate with warehouse department to allocate the final product in the specified quality area to ensure it is not being transferred or shipped to any clients at this stage.
Send technical specifications to Packaging department in the production warehouse for execution.
Send technical documents to the testing lab to start the testing process including drawings, technical datasheet and shipment details.
Follow up on test results to obtain the required certificate.
Send shipment request to shipping department to launch the shipment process to the final destination in case of exporting.
Update project plan with all actual project stages and saved on the project’ technical file.

Job Requirements:

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering.
0-2 years of Experience
2020 and 2021 Graduates only are welcomed to apply
Fluent in English is A Must
Very good Communication Skills

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