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Planning Specialist At Gourmet Egypt

 Planning  Specialist At Gourmet Egypt

Planning  Specialist At Gourmet Egypt

Gourmet Egypt is hiring #Planning  Specialist to join our Planning  Team!
with the following job role:

-Evaluating purchase orders to create suitable production schedules.
Promptly addressing and resolving production issues to minimize delays in production.
-Coordinating production operations in accordance with material, labor, and equipment availability.
-Recommending viable solutions to reduce production costs as well as improve production processes and product quality.
-Effecting changes to production schedules to ensure that production deadlines are met.
-Compiling status and performance reports and submitting them to management in a timely manner.
-Promptly informing the relevant departments of changes to current production schedules.
-Develop demand forecasts (operational forecasts) at multiple levels of aggregation for multiple time horizons as part of a demand planning function.
-Review historical sales trends, research demand drivers, prepare forecast data, develop statistical forecast models, and evaluate forecast results.
-Coordinate cross-functional research activities to reconcile significant variances and refine the forecast model to reflect updated sales and marketing assumptions.
-Interact with sales, marketing, and customer finance to understand demand forecast drivers.
-Utilize a collaborative and consensus approach by working with Sales, Marketing and Customer Finance to obtain and ensure that current and accurate information is used for demand forecasts.
-Use and maintain the Demand Planning software as the primary forecasting system tool.
-Provide input to the Supply Planning organization in developing inventory strategies on existing items, new products, and product phase-outs.
-Closely coordinate and communicate customer action plans with supply planning


-Bachelor's degree in Production/Engineering
-From 0 to 2 years of experience at the same field
- Very good English language.
-Good understanding of the industry market trends and conditions
-Exceptional organizational and time-management skills
-Sharp analytical and problem-solving skills

to apply please submit your CV to mentioning the job title in the e-mail subject.