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Utilities Maintenance Engineer Specialist At Sanofi

 Utilities Maintenance Engineer Specialist At Sanofi 

Utilities Maintenance Engineer Specialist At Sanofi

JOB PURPOSE:                         

Ensure that all the electrical issues in utility equipment & related projects are working with high performance and in good conditions by implementing the preventive maintenance plan on time and ensure the availability of the most required spare parts in the engineering stores.


Electrical Utilities Responsibilities:

Preparing with my colleagues the annual preventive maintenance plan by coordinating with production planning department.

Supervising the execution of monthly preventive maintenance actions.

Supervising the execution of the corrective actions to minimize machines’ stoppages.

Training of electricians on the assigned area’s equipment.

Ensuring recording of maintenance works in log books for all machines.

Preparing list for the required electrical spare parts for all the assigned machines every year and execute the plan according to the approved budget.

Localization of machine spare parts and developing in house solution which shall decrease the machine running cost.

Participating in the lean task force which affect the manufacturing process efficiency and minimize waste and cost. Supervising the installation of any new equipment and participate in the SAT including Installation Qualification (IQ), Operations Qualification (OQ) & Performance Qualification (PQ).

Ensuring that standards related to EHS, energy and discipline are maintained.

Closing the audits’ pending points with QA for concerned electrical issues.

HSE Responsibilities:

Follow the approved HSE policy and requirements. Following and approving the work permit prior to contractors work start & prior to the start of any routine work process with significant risk. Follow the lockout/Tagout procedures during maintenance and repair. Commitment to the appropriate PPE use Following the statutory legislation concerning Health, Safety and environmental law. Implementing controls for waste, resources management and pollution control to minimize the impact on the local environment.

Job holder requirement:

Bachelor Degree in Electrical Power & Machines Engineering

3-5  years  of related experience in Pharmaceutical Industry

Ability to work individually and as a co-operative with a team work.

Have appropriate HSE Knowledge.