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Marbella Summer Internship 2022

 Marbella Summer Internship 2022

Marbella Summer Internship 2021

-We are Launching A summer internship program in Marbella for food industries for Student

- The Internship will take off by the beginning of July Until the end of September 2022
- IF you are interested to join Marbella Send your updated CV to with the subject " Summer Internship"

Company Profile

Marbella for Food Industries was established in 1993, Marbella is an Egyptian company with Egyptian capital and specializing in the production and packaging of a wide variety of confectionery products. Marbella has succeeded in taking the leader position in the markets of Gum and Confectionery in Egypt and expanding the markets of Africa, due to its continued commitment to provide a wide range of products of high quality, which, makes Marbella the favorite brand for many consumers. Marbella was founded to introduce a new business model of innovative work in the confectionery industry. Based on the energy of large machines and the latest technology and continuous investment in research and development activities, in order to promote high quality products capable to compete, and had the singularity the Egyptian market As well as the manufacture of the basic material in the manufacture of Gum ( Gum Base) within our factories, which led to more opportunities for challenge and innovation Based on Marbella's established position in the Egyptian and African markets, Marbella is constantly studying opportunities to expand export activities in the East and West Africa markets through a wide range of products produced in our factories with many quality certificates ISO 22000, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, HACCP, ISO14001