, pub-2091334367487754, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 HealthCare Specialist - Infection Control Specialist - Quality Specialist At ElAraby Group

HealthCare Specialist - Infection Control Specialist - Quality Specialist At ElAraby Group

 HealthCare Specialist - Infection Control Specialist - Quality Specialist At ElAraby Group

HealthCare Specialist - Infection Control Specialist - Quality Specialist At ElAraby Group

ElAraby Group is #hiring HealthCare Specialist ( Infection Control Specialist - Quality Specialist ) 

Deadline for registration is 19/7/2021

Infection Control Specialist
Job Responsibilities:
Formulates and Implements the policies that help to reduce infection rate, education and training of staff
Provides expert effective leadership in promotion of medical asepsis and oversees proper safeguards against the transmission of infection.
Interprets and recommends isolation policies and procedures, presents to the IPC Committee (IPCC) procedures to be reviewed from time to time and modifies the policies and methods as indicated.
Shares in out break investigation.
Gives direction and advice to the IPC Team members in all of their responsibilities.
Recommends to the (IPC) Committee appropriate general control measures for endemic problems.
As representative of the Hospital, cooperates with local and national health agencies in the study, prevention and control of infection.
Responsible for the identification, investigation, reporting, prevention and control of Healthcare Associated infections among patients and personnel.
Revises of culture results and initiate appropriate isolation precautions.
Provision of orientation and in service education related to infection prevention and control of all personnel.
Shares in IPC program evaluation and development of IPC annual plan
Infection control services are provided on a 24-hour, 7-day availability to all inpatients and outpatients, as well as all ancillary departments and hospital personnel. In the event that they are not on campus, infection control personnel are available on call, via mobile phone

Bacholer's degree in Medicine
Post Graduate Education on Infection Control (minimum Diploma or Master )
One year of relevant experience
Language Skill (Arabic and English)
Computer Skills (Windows and MS Office at least.

Required Licenses/ Certifications:
Current state registration or eligibility to do so.
Attendance of continuing education programs in order to maintain licensure.
Release from military/civil service (for Egyptian citizen)
Work Location:
(ElarabyHospital)-Abu Rakaba-Ashmoun, Menoufia


Quality Specialist
Job Responsibilities:
Develop, maintain, and revise policies, procedures and forms in collaboration with related departments/ committees/ teams.
Involved in establishing Quality and Patient Safety program with associated indicators inventory.
Auditing compliance to hospital policies and procedures and accreditation standards and follow-up with related findings.
Performance indicators auditing.
Data collection and event investigations regarding Occurrence Variance Reports (OVRs) including medical record reviews, interviews, equipment investigations and reporting to concerned departments, according to hospital policy.
Revision of all departments’ manuals regarding quality issues.
Participates in the review and evaluation of patient’s medical records.
Organize and facilitate trainings regarding quality and compliance to goals and initiatives.
Positively influence staff across the hospital to embrace performance improvement, compliance and quality practices.
Participate and contribute in departmental meetings.
Prepare reports for the head of department keeping him informed of achievements, progress, difficulties, problems and chances for improvement.
Participates in newly hired hospital staff orientation.
Performs such other duties and functions as requested from time to time.
Risk management related responsibilities:
Reviews all documents as requested for loss control/loss prevention purposes.
Investigates and analyzes actual and potential risks in the organization.
Develops reports on professional and general liability suits.
Patient Safety related responsibilities:
Performs on job training for related staff about patient safety.
Collection of patient safety related data, specially the IPSGs compliance monitoring.
Conduct various types of on field audit on patient safety, medication errors and Adverse Drug Events (ADEs).
Facilitate patient safety improvement projects.
Job Requirements:
A healthcare related bachelor degree; Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry or Pharmacy.
Higher degree in quality management with special focus on healthcare services; (Diploma or Master Degree) or Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) or another postgraduate degree/certificate in quality management.
Higher degree in Business Management/ Hospital Administration (Diploma, Master Degree or fellowship)
A postgraduate degree in medicine/ public health/ healthcare related sciences (Diploma,Master Degree or fellowship)
Studies, professional certificates or advanced training in:
Patient Safety
Healthcare Risk Management
Quality Improvement
Occupational/ Environmental Health and Safety
Human Resources Management and Training
Project management
Information Management
Health Informatics
Data Analysis and Research.
Healthcare related Egyptian laws and regulations

Two years of work in healthcare setting.
At least one of them working in healthcare quality in JCI accreditation.
Spending at least 6 months as a quality coordinator in Elaraby Hospital

Work Location:
(ElarabyHospital)-Abu Rakaba-Ashmoun, Menoufia,

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