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Open Vacancies At EVA Cosmetics

 Open Vacancies At EVA Cosmetics

Open Vacancies At EVA Cosmetics

About Eva Cosmetics Company:

Eva Cosmetics is one of the leading Egyptian personal care manufacturers and distributors. With over 100 years of experience under the belt of its founding entity, Armanious Group, It has become the source of over 20 of the most popular cosmetic brands and is an essential part of Egyptians daily life. Strategically located in Egypt, Eva cosmetics enjoys the benefits of this privileged position and the significant time advantage it provides to serve markets around the world. This position along with the resources of the Armanious Group has allowed Eva to go beyond its home market and excel on a global level by exporting to over 13 countries and the launching of offices and factories in numerous countries. Eva's culture of innovation and strenuous quality control standards has earned it an international reputation of excellence and credibility. Our success is illustrated in our portfolio of international markets that continues to expand. Eva Cosmetics' most recent manufacturing facility has the capacity of over 385 million units a year. Its stamp of efficiency and productivity is illustrated in its accreditation and proven through the many organizations that choose to manufacture through it. Learn more about our toll manufacturing services. Our strength lies in one golden rule, to never forget how and why this business was brought to life; a promise to enrich lives and solve problems is what guides us. Holding on to the promises and values of our founder Dr Riad Armanious is the reason we've succeeded this far and will be the reason we excel in the future. 

 vacancies at EVA Cosmetics - Egypt (6th of October Premises)

- Production Filling & Packaging Supervisor (+5 Years of Experience)

- QA Senior Specialist - Compliance (2 to 5 Years of Experience)

- QA Senior Specialist - IPC (2 to 5 Years of Experience)

- QC Senior Specialist (2 to 5 Years of Experience)

- QC Specialist (0 to 2 Years of Experience)

General Requirements:

- Bachelor's Degree in Pharmaceutical Science or Science.

- Relevant Experience in Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals or FMCG Industries.

- Very Good English Language.

- Team-Player and Effective Communicator.

- Details and Results Oriented, and Analytical Personality.

- Advanced Studies are Advantage.

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