, pub-2091334367487754, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 MEA Raws Supplier Quality Assurance Technologist At Mars- Science Vacancy

MEA Raws Supplier Quality Assurance Technologist At Mars- Science Vacancy

 MEA Raws Supplier Quality Assurance Technologist At Mars- Science Vacancy

MEA Raws Supplier Quality Assurance Technologist At Mars- Science Vacancy

Job description
Job Purpose:

Raws Supplier Quality Assurance Technologist role undertakes the SQA process with Raw materials’ suppliers (for MEA suppliers base) to proactively ensure that their Quality Systems are in place to meet Mars Q&FS standards (defined in MQM). This will enable the delivery of all materials to Mars manufacturing facilities as per the specification through assessing and developing supplier’s capabilities. On site, this role works on ensuring the resolution of non-conforming material issues and managing the technical development of the supply base to meet future requirements.

Roles & Responsibilities:

· Deploy Global Supplier Quality Assurance process, FAB & metrics in the following sites: OCT & KEC, in addition to all suppliers’ base.

· Incorporate Q&FS insights into the supply strategy.

· Perform Q&FS Risk Assessment of suppliers to assess and decide on suitability to supply materials to Mars manufacturing sites.

· Complete Mars Materials Risk Assessment (MRA) for Raws on Supplier control Measures in alignment with R&D

· Develop and utilize MQM metrics to understand and improve the Q&FS of the supply base.

· Plays an instrumental role on MRAs, Specification, and COAs alignment for accountable and responsible suppliers.

· Undertake the SQA qualification process with local primes and to identify strengths and gaps required to be addressed:

Perform the SQA site audit.
Review of analytical data compliance.
Perform and review of process capability analysis.
Verify that supplier hazard controls are operating effectively.
Support the supplier to address gaps in Q&FS capability identified in audits.
Partner with the buyer in ensuring the material specifications are reviewed, understood and agreed by the supplier.
Work with the supplier to investigate & resolve material non-conformances to prevent reoccurrence.
Undertake Supplier Development activities to build technical & operational capability to meet the future requirements of the supply strategy.
To be aware of and assess changes to a suppliers’ capability to meet the Mars Specification.
Ensure that all suppliers are assigned a status with defined supply and verification requirements.
Support both suppliers and Mars DS1 teams to ensure smooth and proper validation of primes materials.
· Ensure compliance of the foreign primes suppliers to the SQA process including late audits performance and approval status.

· Ensure proper reporting of suppliers’ audits, corrective action plans, approval status and periodic technical performance as per SQA process requirements.

· Manage new primes suppliers’ validation and approval according to SQA process requirements.

· Responsible for SQA compliance with Lloyd’s audits on MQM

· Drive MQM deployment in MEA

· Represent MEA SQA in the GEM systems CoP

Qualifications and Experience:


Qualifications: Bachelor of Science degree background.

Experience: 5-7 years of related business experience, Preferable with Q&FS knowledge.

Skills: Auditing skills, Reporting skills, PC skills (Excel, Power Point, Access, Word), active Listening & communication skills and Project Management & Organizational skills

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