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Junior Strategy Analyst At EG Bank

 Junior Strategy Analyst At EG Bank

Junior Strategy Analyst At EG Bank

Posted 13/06/2021

The Strategy Junior Analyst assists and helps in the development of the organization’s long-term (strategic) and short-term ( operating ). This role is responsible for helping in identifying opportunities, help solidify objectives, and applying analysis and developing insights for key businesses as assigned with the end goal of building a strategic voice and vision through higher levels of strategic abilities.
Assist in identifying the developments taking place regional and local in addition to political/economic/social/technological changes, which may affect the strategy.
Help in Classifying internal resources in co-ordination with the related parties that can support or hinder the bank’s strategic direction in the context of these developments and analyze how this can impose opportunities or threats to the bank through performing SWOT analysis.
Help in obtaining research findings and analyzing trends to ensure relevance and competitiveness of the strategy.
Assist in conducting gap analysis to assess the standing position of the bank compared to where it should be and identify the main reasons/obstacles that prevented achieving the pre-defined KPIs, goals, initiatives and objectives.
Contribute in the update and adjustment of the long-term plan continuously to ensure the plan is coherent, achievable and relevant.
Assist in the Production of end-of-year report with concise analysis and main conclusions with respect to EGbank’s strategy; highlighting the major accomplishments and achievements of the year and summarizing how effective our strategy was, hence, aiding the management in any future decision-making.
Conduct a range of reports for strategic planning department that aid in the decision making process for the bank.



Provide special reports and financial studies that aim at aiding the strategic planning department in decision making that come in line with strategic objectives.
Participate and coordinate with all other functions to produce reports and plans that directly affect the bank’s future plans

Number of associates

: None

Financial responsibilities 

: None


: All Divisions


: Rating Agencies – CBE – IFIs

Minimum education   

: Bachelor degree from a recognized university

Desired education

: Business and/or Management related majors; Finance, Accounting, Economics, Actuarial Science


: Fluent in English and Arabic (writing and speaking)

Ideal experience

: - Strong Analytical skills with a strong finance background

The ability to handle highly unstructured work and meeting deadlines.
Able to work under pressure.
Interpersonal and communicating skills are highly required
Credibility and trust to work at all levels of the organization
Team building skills
Computer Literacy
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