, pub-2091334367487754, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Card Settlement Officer At EGBank

Card Settlement Officer At EGBank

 Card Settlement Officer At EG Bank

Card Settlement Officer At EGBank



Handling the ATM reconciliation process smoothly. And investigate each excess / shortage balance related to the ATMs. In addition to handling ATM services (Withdrawal, Cash Deposit)


Receive daily report from IT

Export daily files from vendor’s website that shows all Transactions through 123 network.

Separate all data on us and off us to be ready on the investigations

Prepare all four sides transactions to be reconciled after preparations the files

Reconcile On us/Off us Bank’s GLS against 123/Bank’s GLs

Extract the unsuccessful transactions for investigation through core system and CMS

Download our cash usage sheet to validate our cash Vault from service providers

Check Excess Amounts (Adjustment) on daily basis through exported sheet from

Service provider

Handle breakdown on daily basis should be printed and filed

Prepare manual entries and send them to settlement to be deducted

Is some cases, send to chargeback team for automatic refund

Validate the excess amounts received against cash usage refund

Send monthly batches to settlement unit containing all refunded 123 & Visa transactions on banks GL

Handle the ATM Reconciliation process as well as balance the related ATM GL accounts on daily basis

Handle breakdown for all debit & credit amounts that posted over our service provider vault.

Handle replenishment process of ATMs with vendors

Handle any other extra responsibilities assigned by managers


Minimum education

University degree

Desired education

 Bachelor’s in accounting, business administration.


 Good command of English language for both written and spoken.

Ideal experience

No minimum years of experience is required

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