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Supply Chain Sr. Head At El-Araby Group

 Supply Chain Sr. Head At El-Araby Group

Supply Chain Sr. Head At El-Araby Group

Menouf, Al Minufiyah, Egypt 

Job requirements :

- Bachelor's degree of business administration or any relevant degree.

- Master's degree in supply chains.

- 8 years of experience.

- Experience in Supply Chain field (Medical Sector) is Must.

- Excellent command of written and spoken English.

- Strong coaching, leadership skills and ability to motivate employees.

- Strong managerial skills.

Job responsibilities :

1- Plan and implement a comprehensive supply chain strategy.

2- Determine the tools for measuring the performance of the Procurement Department.

3- Coordinate, plan and implement supply chain plans to support program implementation, in close cooperation with internal stakeholders (stores, financial department) and external (suppliers).

4- Ensures that the right goods and services are procured at the right time and place, at reasonable prices, in accordance with international standards for the supply chain and donor standards.

5- Should prioritize strategic sources by implementing operating and procurement plans to achieve the most appropriate price and specifications with selected suppliers in a transparent manner.

6- Should review all internal and external procurement processes to ensure compliance with approved regulations and procedures.

7- Establish and implement an internal control system that ensures that purchase orders are duly prepared.

8- Ensure that corrective actions are taken in a timely manner when errors occur in the work of the supply chain (errors in procurement processes, etc.).

9- Managing and implementing the follow-up system for procurement processes and creating a mechanism to address deficiencies in procurement processes.

10- Facilitate and enhance effective communication between the supply chain department and other divisions and teams.

11- Managing and monitoring warehouse activities and operating them according to standard operating procedures.

12- Ensure that a periodic inventory is conducted.

13- Documenting warehouse items and receiving and delivery processes.

14- Building good relationships with vendors and maintaining positive dealings.

15- Identify in appropriate suppliers.

16- Implement internal and external audit plans.

17- Overseeing all supply chain learning and development initiatives.

18- Evaluate training needs and develop training plans for supply chain employees.

19- Effective transfer of supply and logistics procedures to the team and supervision of their implementation.

20- Building the capacity of supply chain staff to manage logistics services, through direct training, on-the-job training, and seeking opportunities for external training when needed.

21- Proposals to develop the budget and financing.

22- Involved in developing budgets, financing proposals, rates, and related services, and determining the need for new supply chain employees.

23- Participates in project launch and closing meetings.

24- Efficiently uses supply chain tools such as "BVA", "Scorecard" and "First Time Right".

25- Ensures timely submission of monthly quality reports and final project reports.

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