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Supply Chain Manager At Procter And Gamble PG

Supply Chain Manager At Procter And Gamble PG 

Supply Chain Manager At Procter And Gamble PG

About the Role:

Getting thousands of different products onto the shelves in our customer's stores in the right quantities with precise quality in a very good time manner really does present a new challenge every single day.P&G’s Supply Network Operations (SNO) organization is there to meet these challenges: Forecasting customer demand, Handling the information flows from orders, shipments and invoices and leading the physical distribution process from Distribution Centre to the customer’s shelf.


By joining us in supply chain, you can help us develop highly sophisticated, more integrated approaches, taking advantage of the latest advancements in digitized plant and connected, smart technology. Our aim is to ignite your potential and equip you to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of our supply chain operation.


Job Description:

Forecasting customer demand, owning and executing production and planning; working with the information flow for the entire supply chain and being responsible for the physical flow process from suppliers through production plants and distribution centers to the customer's shelf.


All these missions require strong multi-functional work, which means that you'll work with other functions both internally and externally and you will be responsible to make sure that we have the right product at the right place with the right cost.


Are you ready to take the challenge? We invite you to join us!



Bachelor’s degree in one of below majors with max. 0-3 years of relevant experience:


Engineering, Actuarial Sciences, Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematics (Statistics & Data Analysis)

Fluent Spoken and written command of English language.


Strong Leadership skills, preferably including Leading/Managing/Mentoring Others experience


Strong Logical and analytical thinking;


Ability to collaborate effectively within a multifunctional environment


Problem solving skills through innovation and creativity



Solution oriented approach.

Conflicts resolution skills

Project management skills

Programming/Algorithms Knowledge

Supply Chain Knowledge


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