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Safety officer At Schindler

 Safety officer At Schindler

Safety officer At Schindler

Job Description;

Support in delivering on-site Safety training to enforce the awareness of safety culture.
Assist in conducting audits for compliance of the NI/El with Schindler safety regulations.
Apply penalties on Safety violations as per Schindler policies and procedures
Ensure the implementation of safety prevention plan on-site.
Support staff with the identification of hazards and determining the project objectives and target
Recommend solutions to issues that need improvement
Enforce Schindler safety policies and SSW among employees and subcontractor
Ensure that Subcontractors are complying with Schindler requirements

Mobility needs you
Education and Specialty:

Top qualifications. Bachelor in Electrical / Mechanical Engineering.

Specific Training and Qualification:

Advanced Computer Skilss
Fluent in English
Knowledge of safety & environment regulations

Experience Required:

From 1 to 3 years experience in safety field

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