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Projects Section Head At Sanofi

 Projects Section Head At Sanofi 

Projects Section Head At Sanofi

JOB PURPOSE:                        

-Lead new projects implementation during planning, construction & qualification phases according to global & local quality, HSE & regulatory standards within the pre-defined budget and time plan.

This includes:

1-Premises expansion & upgrading

2-Equipment upgrading & purchasing


Ensure the safety of Sanofi employees and contractors within the project scope and location 

Defining user requirements specifications with the project customer.

Assigning of a project team & resources needed to achieve project goals.

Identify & manage project dependencies & critical path.

Insure and follow-up the safety of all Sanofi and contractor employees during the life cycle of the project.

Insure that the project does not have any negative impact on the environment at any point of its life cycle and boosting Energy management in scoping phase

Providing information for and participating in energy management strategic planning

Plan & schedule project timelines & milestones using appropriate tools.

Develop & report progress reports.

Effectively communicate project expectations to project team.

Manage project development during project life cycle showing high level of agility.

Resolve conflicts within the project team and adapt planning to absorb unpredictions.

Coach, supervise & motivate project team members to take positive actions & accountability of their assigned works.

Proactively manage changes in project scope identifying contingency plans through change control.

Achievement of the customer requirements fulfilling the project management triangle.

HSE responsibilities:

Ensure preventive maintenance program covers all significant aspects that can affect safety & environment.

Ensure that the HSE policy is communicated to all employees under his control.

Ensuring from meeting all the statutory legalisation concerning Health, Safety and environmental law.

Ensure that standards related to safety, environmental, Health, housekeeping, energy and discipline are adhered to and maintained

Ensuring that emergency fully defined and deployment for all employees and everyone know his role well.

Ensuring that the necessary HSE resources are available for the achievement of PASS objectives. Include the HSE&En. standards at early stage of design, Take the approval of HSE for each stage Apply the prevention plan and Risk assessment studies prior to any new project or hazard task

Use the energy saving equipment for any new projects (HVAC, light, motion sensors, Solar cells,….) Ensuring that the necessary HSE resources are available for the achievement of PASS objectives. Ensuring that emergency situation fully defined and deployment for all employees and everyone know his role well.



Bachelor’s Degree in electrical or Mechanical Engineering
Related Experience:

8 years’ experience within Pharmaceutical or FMCG industry, with NLT 2 years projects management experience.
Special Knowledge/Skills:

Microsoft office.
Microsoft Projects. 
Power point.
Project Management post graduate studies. 
Leadership - inspiring others to create a vision and strive to achieve the goals
Good communication - ability to provide valuable information related to the project status in a timely and effective manner
Conflict resolution skills - assisting in resolution of any project conflicts so that the project team members all feel part of the process and want to remain involved in the project
Negotiation skills - maintaining relationships with people who are involved in the project
Team building - assists the team members in understanding their roles and responsibilities on the project and work collaboratively
Listening skills - using good listening skills to truly hear and try to understand what others on the project are trying to say

Stretch to go beyond the level we have operated at up until now
Take actions instead of waiting to be told what to do
Act in the interest of our patients and customers
Put the interests of the organization ahead of my own or those of our team

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