, pub-2091334367487754, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Production Supervisor At Marbella for Food Industries

Production Supervisor At Marbella for Food Industries

 Production Supervisor At Marbella for Food Industries

Production Supervisor At Marbella for Food Industries

6th of October, Al Jizah

Job description

o Follow up the progress of the production process during the day and in all shifts.

o Ensure that the materials disbursed within the department match the raw materials listed in the production plans and not to deviate from them, and to conduct a monthly inventory.

o Coordination with other departments regarding the conduct of work within the department for which you are responsible.

o Developing the performance of the department's employees and evaluating them monthly

o Determine the department's special needs in terms of tools, materials and supplies.

o Evaluate the performance of the production process, the efficiency of operation and the overall efficiency of the lines and improve them on an ongoing basis.

o Maintaining the quality of products and working to improve them.

o Finalizing the production plans listed in the department on time and following up the rates of their achievement.

o Determine the sources of waste in raw materials and energy sources and develop plans to improve them and reduce costs.

o Follow-up of continuous development projects within the department and ensure that they are running correctly and effectively.

o Developing alternative solutions and plans to solve the department's problems in cooperation with other departments.

o Follow-up of non-conformities and their due dates.

o Follow-up of planned maintenance within the department, failure rates and recurrence rates. And follow-up automaniac -maintenance.

o Distributing the roles of the engineers in the department and defining their tasks and priorities.

o Make training plans to develop the performance of employees.

o Maintaining the confidentiality of information and data that he accesses by virtue of his work.

o Full knowledge of the company's goals and directions, and work to implement them

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