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Financial Analyst At Central Bank of Egypt

 Financial Analyst At Central Bank of Egypt

Financial Analyst At Central Bank of Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

Job Description:

·       Analyze the macro financial developments of the banking and non-banking sectors.

·       Monitor the various risk factors facing the banking sector and comparing them over different time periods.

·       Compare and assess the performance of peer groups within the banking sector, as well as the Domestic Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs).

·       Determine and analyze the systemic risks that may affect the financial system intermediation role in light of the domestic and global macro financial developments.

·       Participate in developing analytical tools such as stress tests to measure the impact of the systemic risks on the performance of the banking sector.

·       Study and review the applied macroprudential tools or develop new tools to stop the build-up of systemic risks and/or to mitigate their repercussions on the banking sector stability.

·       Study the interlinkages between the components and activities of the financial system; the banking and the non-banking sector.

·       Analyze the performance of the non-banking financial sector activities such as the stock market, the insurance, the post office, the mortgage finance, the financial leasing, the factoring, the securitization, and the microfinance.

·       Participate in the preparation of the Financial Stability Report.


(3-10) years of experience:

·       Minimum Master degree in banking or finance field. PhD candidate or CFA holder is preferred.

·       3-10 years of experience in the field of banking and finance.

·       Descriptive and quantitative analytical skills.

·       Familiarity with supervisory regulations applied in the Egyptian banking sector.

·       Proficiency in computer skills (Word, Excel & PowerPoint).

·       Fluency in speaking and writing English.

·       Mastering communication and presentation skills.

·       Strong leadership skills and teamwork spirit.

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