Research Technician (3) At CAMRIS | microbiology Graduate Vacancy

 Research Technician (3) At CAMRIS | microbiology Graduate Vacancy

Research Technician (3) At CAMRIS | microbiology Graduate Vacancy

Job Locations:EG-Cairo


Consultant shall complete, at a minimum, the following tasks in support of the Project and to the satisfaction of CAMRIS:
b. Provide technical laboratory support that includes standard bacteriological techniques for the detection, identification, and characterization of potentially pathogenic bacteria;
c. Perform testing for antimicrobial resistance on bacterial isolates according to established standard operating procedures as directed by NAMRU-3 or collaborating institutions;
d. Perform technical research using molecular, parasitology and serological techniques for the detection, identification, and characterization of potentially pathogenic microorganisms;
e. Perform research on the virulence properties of pathogenic microorganisms to elucidate mechanisms involved in the disease process, resistance to antimicrobial agents and host immune responses;
f. Properly prepare, package, and ship bacterial isolates or clinical specimens as directed by NAMRU-3, maintaining safety procedures as needed;
g. Assist with developing, planning, organizing and providing training workshops in the field of bacteriological techniques as directed by NAMRU-3;
h. Carry out all logistical activities as deemed necessary to meet the requirements of NAMRU-3 research projects;
i. Compile and submit data reports using excel and/or access to NAMRU-3 investigators on a monthly basis;
j. Perform computer data entry of lab results and other lab information;
k. Participate in the active discussion of research plans within NAMRU-3 and other research forums;
l. Assist NAMRU-3 staff in the writing of standard operating procedures (SOPs);
m. Maintain laboratory records that include detailed procedure used, samples tested and results interpretation;
n. Perform required quality control procedures for every test done and keep a record in the designated logbook or worksheet;
o. Perform inventories of laboratory supplies and reagents for bacteriology at the study sites, and keep track of clinical specimens; and
p. Monitor the usage and maintain adequate stocks of all laboratory bacteriology supplies and reagents at the field sites.


The Consultant has represented that they meet or exceed the qualifications set out below:

a. College degree in microbiology or a directly related scientific field;
b. Minimum of 5 years’ experience in microbiology and infectious diseases;
c. Good communication skills;
d. Proficiency in English and Arabic is required;
e. Proficiency in in word-processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation;
f. Professional knowledge in principles, theories, and practices in standard bacteriological methodologies;
g. Ability to follow standard operating procedures;
h. Ability to work effectively with colleagues at different levels of the organization; and
i. Advanced knowledge of laboratory safety procedures.

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