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Market Intelligence Senior Analyst At EG Bank

 Market Intelligence Senior Analyst  At EG Bank

Market Intelligence Senior Analyst  At EG Bank


The Market Intelligence Senior Analyst is responsible for acting as the onward think tank through providing a forward outlook for the bank from a macroeconomic, technological and benchmarking perspective. In addition to forecasting short-term market trends and innovations and applying them

Perform as a forward looking internal consultant to senior management; contribution with ideas and recommendations to deal with issues across areas of the business in addition to alerting management with advantageous opportunities  and/or threats based on an analysis of internal and external factors.
Establish a data warehouse to produce reports that focus on analysing our financial performance internally and in comparison to peers.
Conduct market research on a macroeconomic level to analyse trends in the banking industry and monitor changes in the map of the global economy.
Monitor new technologies in development, changes in customer needs or tastes, population growth, new competitors entering the market.
Develop a Peers Bank study assessing the bank’s financial position and incorporating competitor’s data to analyse the trends and changes in the bank’s performance.
Consulting with all business units to verify findings and explore the possibility of adopting new ideas.
Responsible for  identifying strategic risks that are critical to the growth and performance of the business through analysing data gathered internally (Budget assumptions narrative & performance Dashboard) and externally (Economic reports & stress test) regarding the major risks and events that have a directly negative effect and impact on the achievement of long and short term strategic goals.



Provide special reports and financial studies that aim at aiding Top Management decision making that come in line with strategic objectives.
Provide special reports/updates on market trends and changes in the market
Participate and coordinate with all other functions to produce reports and plans that directly affect the bank’s future plans
Develop and implement tools to measure strategy progress, budget and overall performance on a monthly basis.
Conduct a report on a quarterly basis assessing the main economic/ indicators that might affect the bank.

Number of associates

: None

Financial responsibilities 

: None


: All Divisions


: Third Party Consultants



Minimum education   

: Bachelor degree from a recognized university

Desired education

: Business and/or Management related majors; Finance, Accounting, Economics, Actuarial Science


: Fluent in English and Arabic (writing and speaking)

Ideal experience

: - Strong Analytical skills with a strong finance background (min.3 years of experience in financial analysis.

Experience in Strategy Formulation, Business planning and Budgeting is an added value



The ability to handle highly unstructured work and meeting deadlines.
Able to work under pressure.
Interpersonal and communicating skills are highly required
Credibility and trust to work at all levels of the organization
Team building and leadership skills
Computer Literacy

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