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Enrobed Technology & Occupational Health and safety Management System, Safety Engineer At Mars

 Enrobed Technology & Occupational Health and safety Management System, Safety Engineer At Mars

6th of October, Cairo, Egypt

Job Purpose:
The goal behind this job is preventing incidents and saving the right mindsets and behaviors that can ensure safety of our associates, contractors and visitors 

Creating and spreading an occupational health and safety culture within the Enrobed technology value stream and ensuring Safety is coming as a priority for everyone and everywhere within the organization.

Deploying and embedding the MARS.OH&S management systems and drive for having a safe workplace environment,

Engaging our associates, contractors and even our visitors to believe in safety and make it a way of life 

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Lead the deployment of safety strategies and Safety agenda over the stie with the help of the HSE Manager

• Spread awareness and cultivate knowledge of the occupational health & safety into people working in the value stream

• Drive for creating culture of safety and considering safety is the priority for everyone.

• Develop and implement the process of the hazard identification and risk assessment at the Enrobed technology VS. and ensure of utilizing this process to define the hazards and risk at the workplace.

• Empower the team leaders and senior operators to take the lead of managing the risks at workplace through providing effective control measures and set the action plans for additional controls measures to eliminate or mitigate those risks.

• Monitor and follow up with Enrobed technology VS leaders and top management the progress on the actions plans of risk assessment and working with them to remove the roadblocks and ensure with them availability of resources to eliminate risks at workplace

• Participate actively in FMOS meetings: Daily Operation Meeting, Weekly Operation Meeting and periodically FMT meeting and ensure safety issues / escalations are well discussed and proper actions are taken to resolve those issues /escalations.

• Manage and track the safety KPI’s of Enrobed technology value stream and lead the reporting channels of the safety performance for his/her value stream. And,

• Use Multiple channels and different ways of communications to reach to everyone within the value stream and Top management to show the performance of OH&S and point out the opportunities of success and challenges that required to be resolved S

• Develop the safety training Programs and set the objectives behind these programs and use all educational channels such AS Decant, Mars university and other channels to convey the message behind these programs

• Use the current systems and tools to validate the Enrobed value stream operators and leaders on all MARS OH&S standards and ensure, the learnings are effectively used and implemented on the ground

• Use his/her technical expertise on OH&S to setup the effective operational control programs for the MARS safety standards and transform these programs into procedures , work instructions and checklists that can be sued by each one within the value stream to tackle hazards and incidents

• integrate all the efforts, knowledge and tools to achieve the main goal of having zero incidents and promote for the concept of " all incidents can be preventable "

• Keep the focus on mindsets and behaviors to tackle incidents causes and drive for the right setup for the conditions of machines and tools to prevent incidents

• Lead the incident management process and consider all the resources required to enable the leaders within Enrobed value steam to prevent incidents

• Cascade and convey the learnings from global incidents into the value stream and Engage the leaders of the value stream to develop the right processes and tools to prevent these incidents can happen within the value stream.

• Engage our associates and contractors to report near misses and to report behavior observations for the purpose of enhancing the safety performance at their workplace

• 16. Provide support when needed to help VS leaders, Maintenance leaders and Engineering teams with day to day activities, permit to work process and support them with MARS standards compliance

• Collaborate with value stream leaders and other leaders for the continual improvements of the OH&S performance, conditions and behaviors

• Develop with the aid of stakeholders the emergency response plans ,and lead the Enrobed technology VS to conduct many drills , test the Enrobed technology VS performance and finally develop the adequate action plans to ensure the readiness of our associates and our contractors in case of emergency

• Encourage the value stream leaders to conduct the inspections audits and to treat findings from the audit as a high priority and encourage them to provide timely action plans to close the cause of findings from the inspection audits

• Ensure with leaders the OH&S objectives are part of each PDP within the value stream

• Provide OH&S input during the project design of equipment and building facilities, equipment modification and other continuous improvement initiatives (idea generation forums), with adherence to the requirements outlined in change management process.

• Provide OH&S input during the project design of equipment and building facilities, equipment modification and other continuous improvement initiatives (idea generation forums), with adherence to the requirements outlined in change management process. Lead the governance process to ensure project review process “PRP” are going according to MARS requirements

• Work closely with FMT to develop and update the HSE policy and ensure it is aligned with the global HSE policy.

• Drive the process OH&S of risk assessments and environmental aspect and impact analysis on the Enrobed technology VS and ensure their effectiveness to have safe and sustain workplace environment

• Ensure the site compliance with the relevant HSE legal requirements, Develop, implement and maintain the process of complying with all relevant OH&S legal requirements, and cascading these requirements to leaders to ensure the full compliance with these legal requirements

• Drive the management program of HSE systems and ensure its link with other Elements on the system

• Lead the communications internally and externally to show the effectiveness of the system and ensure the right deployment to HSE system to each one in the organization

• Mange the right documentation that prove the applicability of the system and its effectiveness

• Create effectiveness mix between the ISO standards and Mars standards and employee that to serve the ideal operational control for the site

• Integrate the efforts of the HSE team members to drive effectively the HSE mindset within organization

• Coordinate the efforts between functions to have an effective emergency plan

• Establish a robust process of evaluation of compliance and maintain it to avoid any liabilities or obligations

• Lead the auditing process on the site and ensure HSE systems are well implemented

• Manage External audits of ISO systems (ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001) and corporate audits and any other audits in order to maintain site compliance

• Lead and conduct the management review forum with FMT to assess the HSE systems and drive the continuous improvements for the system and get the support to top management 

• Manage the HSE documents through using Nexus system to ensure the document control system in place 

• Drive the effectiveness of the HSE systems through managing the HSE CAPA and Drive the quality and timely closure of the actions.

• Support the HSE manager in setup the OH&S budget and track all the safety expenses and work with HSE manager to create VL initiatives to create efficiency

• Support safety manger with MSE program and help with the implementation of the safety pillar into the site.

Internal: VSO, R&D, Q&FS, SES, Site projects team and Regional Engineering team
External: Managing local suppliers, and external workshops.

Qualifications and Experience:

Bachelor degree in Engineering preferably to be Electrical engineer/ Mechanical engineering
Certified NEBOSH is a plus
5-7 years of experience in occupational health and safety at FMCG companies or Oil & gas companies
Has Technical depth and detailed knowledge of safety Management system
Led implementation of the ISO 45001 is a plus.
Experience with project management is a plus.

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