, pub-2091334367487754, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Electricity & Automation Engineer At Nestlé Egypt | Electrical and/or Automation engineering Vacancy

Electricity & Automation Engineer At Nestlé Egypt | Electrical and/or Automation engineering Vacancy

  Electricity & Automation Engineer At Nestlé Egypt | Electrical and/or Automation engineering Vacancy 

Electricity & Automation Engineer At Nestlé Egypt | Electrical and/or Automation engineering Vacancy

6th of October, EG
Position Snapshot
Location: 6th of October

Full Time

Position Summary
Provide support for Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Electricity and Automation (E&A) professional and technical operational activities and during participation in CAPEX projects; doing so in line with corporate guidelines, enforcing that all MES-E&A activities enhance business objectives, product quality and plant operation/performance while ensuring that people health and safety, product safety, and environment are never compromised.                   

A day in the life of...

•    Ensure Process & Equipment safety for people, products and environment and that one exhibits an attitude of absolute intolerance for unsafe situations. Participates in the implementation of engineering tools at site level (i.e. NSAT, NET, AMM, etc.), and in the M&I activities in the factory.
•    Ensures that all MES-E&A installations comply with market and corporate safety, health, environment, product safety and product quality standards. Ensures that the key MES-E&A documentation is up to date and in place (i.e. SLD, URS, FDS, Calibration procedures, etc.). Ensure that the Management of Change is in place to appropriately manage modifications in the MES-E&A solutions. Ensure the application of the market and local MES-E&A related legislation (i.e. electrical, calibration, etc).
•    MES-E&A engineers play a key role in the continuous improvement of our factories through mastering the process and product characteristics. The MES-E&A engineer must have a deep insight of the processes, and continuously strive for the improvement of quality, safety or efficiency while protecting the technological know-how and competitive advantage.
•    Participates in Capital Investments projects in the factory ensuring that the technical solution follows corporate and market standards and is delivered with the expected quality, being on time and in budget. Responsibilities include: the preparation of the user and technical specifications, coordinating the requirements of the main users (production, quality, etc.), the follow up of the solution development, the pre-test, implementation and training of operators and maintenance crews. Must fully understand the technical details of the MES-E&A solutions in all projects.
•    Committed to ensure an attitude of absolute intolerance for non-compliance, in relation to product quality, people and environment safety, and change management. Passionate to ensure that MES-E&A technical expertise and process know-how is developed and maintained.

What will make you successful

•    Electrical and/or Automation engineering degree or equivalent
•    1-2 years of experience.
•    Experience required in Electricity, Process Control, Loop Tuning, Instrumentation and PLC/HMI programming.
•    Food processing plants and technologies, including food safety, hygienic engineering and FMCG proprietary technology, if any.
•    Specific AMM tools in their area of expertise.
•    Innovation & Renovation process.
•    Process IT knowledge including understanding of Factory Automation System infrastructure.
•    Strong interpersonal skills. Strong written and oral communication skills.
•    Commitment to a strong work ethic, integrity, honesty, safety, compliance and quality.

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