, pub-2091334367487754, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Chemist Units At Cairoscan| Science Vacancy | 1-3 years of Experience

Chemist Units At Cairoscan| Science Vacancy | 1-3 years of Experience

 Chemist Units At Cairoscan| Science Vacancy | 1-3 years of Experience

Chemist Units At Cairoscan| Science Vacancy | 1-3 years of Experience

Job Details

Experience Needed:

1 To 3 Years

Career Level:

Entry Level (Junior Level / Fresh Grad)

Full Time

Job Description

Implementing the regulations, procedures, and quality control programs of ISO 15189, safety and environmental levels, and laboratory infection control.

Maintaining patient results' confidentiality and not reporting the result until after confirming the identity of the recipient.

Setting the data before performing the necessary test (barcode).

Determine the quality and organization of samples, determine acceptable and other rejected samples, and the reason for that, and do the necessary written work to conduct the test.

Record and keep samples taken.

Performing internal and external quality control tests.

Separate the samples in the correct way and distribute them to the different units.

Carrying out chemical analyzes blood tests, bacteriological cultures and clotting research, all on the apparatus to be worked on.

Performing a system of internal and external controls, monitoring their results and recording them according to doing the work.

Carry out regular maintenance of the devices according to the operating instructions of the device.

Perform a microscopic examination of urine, stool and semen samples.

The ability and eagerness to draw samples in the correct way according to the drawing instructions.

Monitor laboratory stocks of solutions, chemicals and other supplies and ensure the optimum use of them on an ongoing basis.

Keeping records, forms and files, participating in preparing reports and performing other written works requested of him.

Inform the specialist of the laboratory of any malfunctions, damage, sabotage, or negligence of the laboratory equipment, with a written report.

Ensure good hygiene and arrangement of laboratory equipment and tools for easy use of laboratory space.

Training new employees and providing them with permanent assistance and support.

Submit performance and workflow reports to the direct manager with development proposals.

Performing any other duties assigned to him within the limits, functions and responsibilities of the position from the direct manager of the department.

Job Requirements

Bachelor of Science 

Experience not less than a year in the same field and specialty.

Knowledge of English.

Full knowledge of computer and office programs.

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