, pub-2091334367487754, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 LOA-EHS Manager-L'Oreal Egypt 10th of Ramadan Factory

LOA-EHS Manager-L'Oreal Egypt 10th of Ramadan Factory

 LOA-EHS Manager-L'Oreal Egypt 10th of Ramadan Factory

LOA-EHS Manager-L'Oreal Egypt 10th of Ramadan Factory

Ensure the efficiency of the safety validation process:

Equipment validation

Process validation

Incidents Management

Ensure the efficiency of the incident management process:

Incidents reporting

Root cause analysis process

PDCA approach and actions follow up

Trending analysis

Safety culture deployment

Ensure the sustainability of the daily tours, coaching runs process with the follow up daily, weekly and monthly

Ensure deploying Loreal safety tools

Managing the subcontracted activities (either permanent or temp for projects) by ensuring the availability of risk assessments and prevention plans and reviewing them in detail and ensure their applications on floor

Ensure the efficiency of the work permit process.

KPIs reporting

Ensure GRAAL reporting on time and RFT

Steering committees

Ensure the completeness of all planned committees on site to meet the regulatory requirement

Lead and manage the ManCom steering committee and the shop floor steering committee

Follow up actions’ closures

Emergency preparedness

Ensure Having updated emergency plans for different scenarios

Training for concerned people on

Drills planning for different cases as per planned


Ensure the compliance with ISO requirements and local regulations with respect to safety and environment

Manage effectively the company road map regarding safety and environment

Perform, review and update GHAP annually

Perform, review and update Life 1, 2 questionnaires

Plan and manage the different types of safety and health audits as food supplier, covid, Local authorities’ inspection


Ensure availability of safety training matrix per function

Annual training plan to be achieved as per planned

All safety training records are available and archived

People management

Proper management and follow up with the team

Monthly structured 1:1 meeting

Performance evaluation and mutual feedback

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