NBFI Relationship Manager At Attijariwafa bank Egypt

 NBFI Relationship Manager At Attijariwafa bank Egypt

Job Purpose

• To proactively manage a portfolio of NBFI companies, building long-term Profitable relationships founded on efficient and reliable support for their business.
• The jobholder will be responsible for business development both with new customers and with existing customers
• A primary objective is to cross sell the full range of AWB products, including  corporate products, Retail banking products and access to the wider AWB Africa and the AWB Group network
• Consistent with value based management, the job holder will be measured on risk-adjusted portfolio contribution as well as other performance metrics including customer satisfaction
• Where suitable concentrations exist the job holder may be responsible for relationships with customers in a specific industry

Main accountabilities and approximate time split
Main Accountabilities:
Marketing & Business Management

Time Split: 80 %

• Regularly Visiting existing customers and targeting new clients, marketing AWB services and ensuring Providing financial solutions.
• Develop and maintain full relationship plans for all customers under Jobholder’s portfolio such that contact with customers is prioritized. Adopt Business Development plan  and maintain full relationship plans for all clients under Job holder’s portfolio Work with specialist areas like Corporate Products, Investment Banking and Treasury Services to deliver innovative and profitable solutions to the individual corporate portfolio
• Undertake annual (and where appropriate interim) reviews.
• Deliver high quality memos & response to risk & sanction quires.
• Present proper analysis of each new leasing transaction required to be financed by AWBE.
• Lead the bank’s relationship with customers including negotiation of service standards and pricing.
• Deal with and find solutions to customer complaints.
• Determine the products that are most effective in meeting customers’ needs and be able to sell these at short notice both reactively and proactively.
• Research, create, and follow up a target list for potential new NBFI sector clients.
• Communicates all key messages to customers including agreed service standards, negotiated pricing, and introductions to new product changes.
• Keep customers advised on the expected ‘delivery date’ for product/credit applications.
• Monitor and ensure adherence to risk service standards.
• Disciplined and effectively managed pipeline approach
• Manage and control the portfolio within agreed limits
• Maintain a high standard of operational control including adherence to Risk management guidelines, KYC procedures and other bank policies.
• Research, create and follow up on a target list for potential new business
• Identify customers’ needs and potential by greeting Customer Plans, which reviewed regularly, to assess their present and potential contribution, and to work on achieving said potential contribution within the agreed time line.
• Gather all the required information that is needed to prepare and assess credit applications.

Main Accountabilities: Staff Management
Time Split: 20 %

• Help team members to identify strengths and weaknesses in their own skills and attributes, review their self-development plans and ensure training and development needs are accommodated.
• Coach team members on relationship development, service quality and risk.
• Assess relationship managers’ performance against PD objectives and achievements
• Attract and retain talent via mobility, upskilling and empowerment

Technical skills / Competencies
• Hands on Corporate experience.
• Understanding of the macro-economic environment and its implications on the business environment.
• Proficiency in business writing, credit assessment, financial analysis, and related due diligence.
• Understanding of local and international legal frameworks relevant to the business environment.
• Relevant knowledge of legal documentation drafting and review.

Knowledge, Qualifications/Experience:

• 5-6 years of experience in the Corporate Banking
• Strong understanding of finance fundamentals with a good business acumen
• Strong presentation skills
• University degree in Business, Banking or Financial Management
• Good understanding of the local legislation and regulations related to the products offered, financial markets and the macro-economic environment affecting Investments
• MS Office Proficient

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