, pub-2091334367487754, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Vacancies At Lirten Solution (Graphic Designer-Software Engineer) بدون خبره

Vacancies At Lirten Solution (Graphic Designer-Software Engineer) بدون خبره

 Vacancies At Lirten Solution (Graphic Designer-Software Engineer) بدون خبره 

Lirten Vacancies

1-Graphic designer


Experience needed: 0-3 years

Job type: Part Time

Preferred degree:

BSc degree in Design, Visual Arts, Applied Arts, or relevant field short.

Job description:

Responsible for creating designs, whether UI/UX, social media posts, or rebranding.


Must be able to stick to deadlines and timemanage to work on multiple projects in parallel.


Communicates directly with projects stakeholders to implement the needed requirements in accordance with the client's vision.


Working without assistance from other designers.

Job requirements:


Ability to communicate with clients.


Being open to feedback and constructive criticism.


Highly committed and dedicated.


A solid background in UI/UX design.


Able to create social media posts and serve marketing purposes.


Proficiency with Adobe tool kit and Figma.


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2- Software Engineer

Experience needed: 0-2 Years

Job type: Full Time

Preferred degree:

MET, Software Development Or Any Related Major

Job description:

A Software Engineering position where the accepted applicant will learn new frameworks and be at the frontline of new projects and set up an internal methodology on how to best work on these projects with the queued up project being Odoo Development.


The Software Engineer will also be in charge of translating user stories into actionable services and managing the Technical Output of the team of developers that will assist in the projects.

Job requirements:


Good at Self Learning


Can Understand Complex Ideas


Can Communicate & Explain Complex Ideas


Ability to Lead & Organize a Team


Comfortable With thinking in Terms of Systems & Micro services