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Product Development Engineer At Nissan Egypt

 Product Development Engineer 
At Nissan Egypt

Product Development Engineer   At Nissan Egypt

Job description:

  • Issue draft study for the candidate parts (metal, electric and function parts ) for localization based on part feasibility & supplier capabilities to be discussed & agree local parts list with NML related functions by applying QCDDM matrix (Quality, Cost, Development, Delivery and Management) based on findings from visits to local supplier to support the management for supplier selection decision

  • Make Local Design Concept Sheet for metal, electric and function parts to study & confirm localization scope with the related functions, confirm compliance of the technical file issued by NML with LDCS & explain to the local supplier for receiving local quotation

  • Confirm the local quotation value add from local supplier to calculate the feasibility study

  • Propose original and local supplier tools specs through tool specification sheet “TSS” to confirm the compliance of the tool design and specs with the local part requirements to proceed into tool manufacturing

  • Review Technical Assistance contract from original supplier and study local supplier feedback in order to support set up the agreement contract

  • Plan NDS “Nissan Design Specification” tests & follow up through the periodic project meeting to validate the developed parts quality and specification.

  • Buy-off for the vendor tools to assure that the tools is manufactured according to the required specs & design

  • Perform Off tool audit to assure that the tools can produce the part according to the required specs

  • Perform Off process audit to assure that local supplier can produce the part according the required specs by mass production condition (Same as SOP” Start of production”)

  • Collect & Confirm ANPQP (related to development) documents through the periodic project meeting with the local supplier to ensure parts quality and processes capabilities

  • Plan and follow up ASES Activity for local supplier to confirm their quality management system capability to supply Nissan with local parts

  • Provide consultation and support in solving local supplier tool problems while production to maintain regular delivery and prevent line stoppage

Qualifications & Skills:

  • 1-3 years of experience

  • Bachelor degree in Engineering

  • Proficient with MS Office applications

  • Self-motivated Individual with professional behavior who operates under highest standards of ethical conduct.

  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills

  • Presentation skills

  • Problem Solving skills

  • Written and oral fluency in English

  • Engineering design & drawing basic knowledge

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