, pub-2091334367487754, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Medical Science Liaison( MSL ) Cardiovascular /Metabolic at Boehringer Ingelheim

Medical Science Liaison( MSL ) Cardiovascular /Metabolic at Boehringer Ingelheim

  Medical Science Liaison( MSL ) Cardiovascular /Metabolic at Boehringer Ingelheim

Medical Science Liaison( MSL ) Cardiovascular /Metabolic at Boehringer Ingelheim


Providing Medical Services to, and Establish Scientific Collaboration with Selected Healthcare Professionals (opinion development)

• Selection of and providing scientific information to external speakers
• Organizing & discussing/sponsoring of scientific events, including clinician

Peer-to-Peer communication

Assist in local Advisory group meetings
• Assist in Speaker trainings
• Facilitate & assist in publication activities
• Discussing research projects with external experts in case is needed
• Facilitate the Investigator Initiated Studies process in case is needed
• Discussion of developmental studies or clinical studies/registries with Opinion leaders and coordination of clinical studies with CRA/CRO
• Monitoring competitor information, activities, and publication

Scientific Information Management and Dissemination

• Handling medical information to health care professionals either in letter format/email/call or face to face meetings
• Performing literature searches for internal/external business partners for their responsible therapeutic field in case of requested data/letters reactively.
• Respond in a timely manner to personal or electronic enquiries with appropriate available information avoiding any promotional or promotion-like activity regarding non-approved products or indications.
• Establish herself / himself as reliable, trusted resources of accurate, up-to-date medical and scientific knowledge requested and desired by customers/Opinion leaders.
• Discuss non-approved products or indication in response to unsolicited questions based on scientific data available in BI.

Share Customer Feedback with Internal Groups

• Share insights provided by clinical experts with internal teams across functions to better inform BI strategic direction for research and commercialization. This includes;
• Catch therapy trends and/or other developments in the specific therapeutic area
• Share feedback of external experts internally (“Voice of the customer”),
• Share learning from publications, external meetings and other adequate channels internally
• Play a role in management of product issues
• Provide recommendations about potential new investigators to Clinical Operations
• Identifying future national and regional experts and speakers
• Manage speakers and prepare agendas / slide decks for CME meetings
• Identifying national, sub-national/local influence or advocacy groups for their assigned product(s)
• Serve as an educational source for Sales Reps, and internal stakeholders including actively participating in the training of Sales Reps
• Provide input on development of brand strategies based on knowledge of the specific therapeutic area
• Provide medical training and updates for the assigned therapy area to the internal FF and brand team, as required

Maintain Scientific Expertise

• Interpretation and writing of scientific literature
• Screening of Current Awareness Literature Updates for the respective therapeutic areas.
• Conducting regular literature searches and library research and regularly updating medical representatives through email/cycle meetings.
• Attending external national and international scientific meetings
• Meeting with peer group regularly for formal shared learning in order to assure that the entire group benefits from individual learning whenever it is relevant.

Requirements :

• BSc. Of Medicine, Pharmacy degree
• At least 3 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry with minimum 1 year of MSL experience
• Experience in Cardiovascular and/or Diabetes are preferred.
• Fluency in English & Arabic languages

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