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Health & Safety Supervisor at Vodafone | HSE Vacancies

Health & Safety Supervisor at Vodafone  | HSE Vacancies 

Posting Country:  Egypt

Date Posted:  

Full Time / Part Time:  Full Time

Contract Type:  Fixed Term Contract

Role purpose: 

•    To support Health & Safety culture across the organization and partners and to ensure VF employees and business partners are provided with an admired workplace and a safe working environment achieving zero fatality and property loss.
•    To ensure the market perspective of VF brand is associated with health and safety, and to promote VF as the telecom industry leader and preferred employer in this regard.
•    To support company management in decision making process in regards to risks associated with the business related activities, and ensure management engagement to H&S.
•    To develop, implement, control and continually improve a technical H&S auditing program for company various functions,  ensuring safe work place.

Key accountabilities and decision ownership:

•    Develop, implement, control and continually improve a comprehensive HS&W management system including standards, policies, processes & procedures, guidance, plans, auditing program, and ownership for the company’s various functions and activities, ensuring company compliance with all applicable occupational H&S regulations and to the group policies and legislations
•    Manage, assess and control H&S risk elements, and provide expert consultation and policy interpretation to management of various functions’ including Regional Operations, Transport, Radio Networks, IT &DC, Customer Experience, Facilities management, warehouses’ and commercial operations.
•    Investigate workplace accidents, perform root cause analysis, decide upon consequence and preventive actions and share lessons learnt with concerned parties.
•    Manage, assess, and control H&S risk elements, and provide expert consultation, and develop programs, improvement plans that ensure the high risk premises are safe (Billboards Installation, Retail Stores operations, MTXs, Data canters, and warehouses)
•    Manage the company compliance with all occupational H&S regulations, local legislations, and lead the H&S governmental relations and communications.

Key performance indicators:

•    Zero fatalities and major accidents
•    Company compliance Index
•    High risk areas and vendors’ control Index


•    Threat of legal action;
•    High risk of accidents / dangerous occurrence specially in key areas which could lead to fatality and / or property loss, and huge impact on network stability and customer experience.
•    Impacted reputation for corporate responsibility among investors, customers and communities;
•    Lack of empowering H&S across organisation which impact compliance to regulations, legislation and group standards and could to legal actions
•    Increased hidden cost as & Decreased people moral

Core competencies, knowledge and experience:

•    Health and Safety Management skills
•    Strong Vendors and stakeholders’ management skills.
•    Self-motivated
•    Minimum five years’ experience in related industry/function
•    H&S Technical back ground

Must have technical / professional qualifications: 

•    Engineering degree.
•    NEBOSH certified minimum IGC.