, pub-2091334367487754, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Marketing Internship opportunity at RankUp

Marketing Internship opportunity at RankUp


Marketing Internship opportunity at  RankUp

Rankup internship

Job Description

RankUp is looking for 4 passionate, creative, and

committed interns to join the Marketing team in four

main functions (Digital Marketing - Content Creation -

Infographic Design) in an internship program through

which you'll be working as a team empowering

RankUp's marketing objectives.

Internship benefits..

1. Intensive training program including (Basics

of Marketing, Digital Marketing, How to makea

Marketing plan, etc.)

2. Gain valuable work experience on the ground.

3. Explore a career path.

4. Develop your skills by working in a professional

tasks-based environment.

5. Wide exposure to live potential projects, and

expanding your netWork.

6. Get a certificate from RankUp with your appraisalto strengthen your references in your professional upcoming steps.


1. Selection will be based on your experience and commitment ability.

2. You'll be working from home. However, a few

outdoor activities may exist depending on the work

3. Internship duration depends on your performance

and how you're benefiting.

4. You can apply by sending your CV to

(Infographic Designers may share their portfolio i.e.Behance)