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F&B Procurement Manager | IKEA | Cairo Festival City


F&B Procurement Manager | IKEA | Cairo Festival City

F&B Procurement Manager | IKEA | Cairo Festival City

Location: Cairo, EG

Company: Al Futtaim Private Company LLC

Job requirements:

You have the ability to prioritise and organize work and the work of others in order to make the most efficient use of time available. You have the commercial competence and passionate about food. You want to create a better life for many individuals at their homes.


What’s more, we believe that you have the following knowledge, capabilities and motivation:

  • Live and share the IKEA values every day
  • Diploma in Culinary or equivalent

  • 5+ years experience of working in vibrant retail F&B or food service business

  • 5+ years of e xperience in procurement, purchasing & store keeping

  • Strong negotiation skills and ability le to close agreements

  • Tactical thinker

  • Understand KPIs and how to affect their results through departmental actions

  • Advanced knowledge of food production and food safety

  • Good English communication skills

  • MS Office literate

  • Can lift heavy loads on a daily and weekly basis, so a strong physique is required.

  • Sales-driven and passionate about food and people

About the Role

You work together with IKEA Food management team and manage the supply chain for the goods flow to secure production is done according to the Kitchen requirement and within the allocated costs. You are responsible for all warehouse/store operations activities including suppliers agreements, ordering and receiving, deliveries, coordinating stock, documenting warehouse transactions, maintaining records and overseeing storage of surplus inventory.


Key Specific Accountabilities:

  • Actively search for efficient suppliers in the market to secure best quality and volume of food in our organization
  • Under the regional direction, source ingredients that follows the global IKEA direction like sustainability, traceability and trusted sources.
  • Secure all agreements are in place between our Business and Suppliers, always up to date and according to the group procurement policy.
  • Report and inform any supply changes with the Food Manager and secure alternative plans for key products.
  • Perform a variety of ordering, receiving & stocking activities; maintains inventory and stock records.
  • Optimize Costs of goods sold by securing efficient support from suppliers.
  • Maintain ordering process so that the stock levels of all the goods in the store are in line with the sales pattern and store capacity.
  • Achieve a high service level to customers and a healthy stock balance to avoid overstock and out-of-stock situations.
  • Strictly implement and follow up on all safety and security guidelines that are implemented in the storage/receiving areas.
  • Maintain racking used in the storage areas as built up according to safety regulations, used in the correct way and weekly maintained and repaired so that safety in all warehouse areas is always in line with rules & guidelines.
  • Secure that co-workers take proper care when receiving and storing goods in the store, and reporting any damages of goods accordingly.
  • Keep all storage areas clean, tidy and safe.
  • Responsible for all warehouse/store operations activities including ordering and receiving, deliveries, coordinating stock, documenting warehouse transactions, maintaining records, and overseeing storage of surplus inventory.
  • Plan, execute and follow-up of the store’s commercial calendars in close cooperation with all IFB seniors and IFB manager.
  • Secure that goods are received from Goods receiving area and moved to storage locations according to the goods flow guidelines.
  • Ensure that the stock figures are correct by teaching all co-workers that work with goods movement how the IT-system operates (PAR Level & Stock Aging from Navision)
  • Prevent all damages to goods by securing that co-workers that use any type of goods handling tools do this in a careful way.
  • Responsibility for a volume-based resource planning, considering our annual Vitality Calendar and fast moving products.
  • Adhere to inventory control procedures, to secure minimal stock shrinkage and loss.
  • Ensure that all Goods received are adhered to the local regulations imposed by the Food Safety department and Municipality.
  • Collaborate with Regional Service Office by providing all information needed for I-Food implementation.
  • Actively developing our Goods recourses to optimize IKEA global direction toward People and Planet.

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